Reality is information encoded in the brain as “real.” Information implies meaning. Meaning is a comparison, or a match, to something from one’s database in the mind.

Before any debate, or productive discussion, we first must agree on fundamentals as the basis:

  1. We can only rely on the original Bible (Hebrew). Human translation cannot be relied on as the truthful Word of GOD. (read more)
  2. GOD, or his universe, acts ONLY for the greater good. (read more)
  3. There is only one almighty GOD who can make anything happen. (read more)
  4. GOD is beyond time & space or human limitations. (read more)
  5. Humans create realities that are perceived as facts. (read more)
  6. Math is more accurate and universal than words, so we rely on code2GOD’s initial 18 codes to understand GOD messaging to humanity in the original Bible. (read more)
  7. We adopted the Vatican’s doctrine that the holy gospels are the first 5 books and the rest are letters. (read more)
  8. During his lifetime: Jesus was Jewish, spoke Hebrew, was well versed in the Hebrew Bible, was familiar with the codes in the code2GOD, and was a rebel for the greater good. (read more)
  9. Life is not coincidental. We simply don’t understand its logic. (read more)
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