Where and what is the soul? Where is the soul נפש mentioned in the Bible? Is the soul real? What happens to my soul after I die? Is soulmate real? Will my soul survive my death?

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The Don Juravin Scientific Fundamentals

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  1. The original Bible was created, and coded, by GOD. Otherwise, it’s only a history or archaeology book.
  2. We can only rely on the original Bible (Hebrew). Human translations are flawed and lack coded meaning.
  3. GOD, or his universe, acts ONLY in the interest of the greater good.
  4. There is only one almighty GOD who can make anything happen.
  5. GOD is beyond time, space, or human logic or limitations.
  6. Humans create realities that are perceived as facts.
  7. Math is more accurate and universal than words. Therefore, we rely on code2GOD’s initial 18 codes to understand GOD’s messaging to humanity in the original Bible.
  8. We adopted the Vatican’s doctrine that the holy gospels are the first 5 books and the rest are letters.
  9. During his lifetime: Jesus was Jewish, spoke Hebrew, was well versed in the Hebrew Bible, was familiar with the coded Bible, and was a rebel for the greater good.
  10. Life’s events are not coincidental. Humans simply don’t understand its logic.
GOD created the original Bible as a long coded string of 1,202,972 Hebrew letters preserved forever to maintain the code2GOD (32 mathematical codes used to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity). The original Hebrew Bible was then made into 306,757 words, fitting 23,204 verses, divided into 24 books and 929 chapters. Human translations can still be read only as stories with limited parables but without the code2GOD.

What is the soul נפש NEFESH 430?

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Nothing. Science is clueless about the soul. The Bible is the only reliable source for learning about the soul which is called NEFESH נפש with code2GOD word value of 430. There is also another entity which is not known in English but exists in the original Bible and that’s the “higher soul” NESHAMA נשמה with code2GOD word value of 395.

What is the higher soul NESHAMA נשמה 395?

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