Who is Jesus based on the original Bible? What can we learn from Jesus? Is Jesus GOD? What miracles did Jesus perform? Is Christianity the largest religion in the world?

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The Don Juravin Scientific Fundamentals

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  1. The original Bible was created, and coded, by GOD. Otherwise, it’s only a history or archaeology book.
  2. We can only rely on the original Bible (Hebrew). Human translations are flawed and lack coded meaning.
  3. GOD, or his universe, acts ONLY in the interest of the greater good.
  4. There is only one almighty GOD who can make anything happen.
  5. GOD is beyond time, space, or human logic or limitations.
  6. Humans create realities that are perceived as facts.
  7. Math is more accurate and universal than words. Therefore, we rely on code2GOD’s initial 18 codes to understand GOD’s messaging to humanity in the original Bible.
  8. We adopted the Vatican’s doctrine that the holy gospels are the first 5 books and the rest are letters.
  9. During his lifetime: Jesus was Jewish, spoke Hebrew, was well versed in the Hebrew Bible, was familiar with the coded Bible, and was a rebel for the greater good.
  10. Life’s events are not coincidental. Humans simply don’t understand its logic.
GOD created the original Bible as a long coded string of 1,202,972 Hebrew letters preserved forever to maintain the code2GOD (32 mathematical codes used to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity). The original Hebrew Bible was then made into 306,757 words, fitting 23,204 verses, divided into 24 books and 929 chapters. Human translations can still be read only as stories with limited parables but without the code2GOD.

About Jesus

Jesus was born not far from Jerusalem in the Holy Land (Israel). Jesus spoke Hebrew, GOD’s language, and that of the original Bible. He later also learned Aramaic. Jesus was well versed in the original Bible and the codes in the code2GOD as evident from reading the New Testament in his language Hebrew. See: art Jesus 153 Fish Mystery is proof of him being one with GOD.

Yes. Jesus got in trouble for standing up for what he believed in. 

When reading the original New Testament in Hebrew, Jesus sounds at times very confident, even extra confident, to a degree of arrogance which is typical of Jews (or even middle Eastern people) who feel that they are 100% sure in themselves and are willing to die for it.

In retrospect, we know that Jesus was right to be determined to the level that others perceived him to be arrogant. The Jesus that is sensed in the original writings is not the Jesus that we know in retrospect. The uniqueness of Jesus was being determined, confrontational, and humble, all in the same person. The feeling is mainly from the repetitive words in Hebrew like in____

Jesus was willing to die for his beliefs and for humankind in order to better the world. He could foresee the future in a way that only someone “possessed” with GOD in his body can behave.


Not only did Jesus profoundly understand the original Bible and spoke the language of the Bible, Hebrew, but Jesus also didn’t let human interpretation confuse him. Moreover, Jesus challenged his rabbis and then he challenged the Jewish authorities with his profound knowledge of the Bible. Jesus was versed in the codes which make up the 32 codes of code2GOD as a foundation to understand and communicate with GOD. Jesus, therefore, instructed Peter Simon to cast the net on the right side of the boat 100 meters from the shore, and 153 fishes were caught in the net.

Jesus and GOD

Though Jesus never claimed to be GOD himself, his followers, till this day, refer to him as GOD, even though it may violate the second of GOD’s commandments. 

code2GOD discovered that when Jesus found 153 fish in the net it was a code for “אלהים ואני” which means “GOD and I.” 

At the time of Jesus, it was only one secluded religion, Judaism. GOD wanted to have a larger, possibly different religion than the existing Judaism, and therefore GOD himself created the religion using Jesus’ body.


Like you would treat your father, with respect, and as the creator of your life. Not a relationship of a master and a slave. The basis to please GOD would be the 10 Commandments. Based on Jesus’ behavior in the New Testament, he also exercised GOD’s wish to be kind to others.


Jesus for a better life

Learn about Jesus and adopt his principles. Create your own interpretations rather than the conflicting opinions of the churches.

Form your own “good and bad” since often discipline of the church is only an interpretation with political interests. For example, at certain ages throughout history, the church will manipulate the Bible to make people feel like sinners so they can have some control over them. King James, for example, was obsessed with witches (which don’t exist in the Bible) so he added some of his own fears of witches into the KJ bible.



What is a good Christian? Do you want to be a good person or a good Christian? I want to make you think because different churches and Christian secs will give you different answers.

Based on the original Bible, a good person (good Christian) is someone who obeys the true Ten Commandments (not the translated). 

60% is caring about family and society and 40% worship GOD.

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Jesus 153 fish art by code2GOD and Don Juravin
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