SPOG art scientifically proves 7 premises:

  1. There is a creator of life (GOD).
  2. Humans have not evolved from an ameba.
  3. Humans are now as they were designed at creation. 
  4. The original Bible in Hebrew was created by GOD. As such, the original Bible is not a history book but a holy book.
  5. GOD created the Hebrew language as a vessel to deliver his messaging to humanity.
  6. The original Bible in Hebrew, along with the code2GOD, is a “treasure map” for humanity.
  7. GOD communicates with numbers to minimize misunderstandings.

Two patents PENDING

Patent Pending (provisional) 63295845 filed 1.1.2022 at 00:26am

The code2GOD Methodology To Decode GOD’s Messaging To Humanity Based On The One Original Bible In Hebrew

Title: Decoding The Original Bible Using code2GOD Methodology to Understand GOD’s Messaging To Humanity

Patent type: Utility

Patent Pending (provisional) 63295884 filed 1.1.2022 at 10pm

Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Prove The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Designer Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development

Title: Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Proof The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Creator Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development

Patent type: Utility
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