WHAT IS code2GOD?​

code2GOD is a system of 32 mathematical codes is used to decode the original Bible in Hebrew to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity. The results are turned into the world’s most valuable art.
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The original Bible (Hebrew) was created by GOD with parables for the public and hidden deeper messaging to humanity, using 32 mathematical codes, called code2GOD.
We’re a nonprofit, non-affiliate, non-religious organization, relying on the 32 mathematical codes of coed2GOD. Human opinion and logic do not count in our discoveries.

First, GOD created the 22 Hebrew letters. He gave each letter a name (2 to 4 characters) with a value, a personality, and a symbol with a value.

code #1 of the code2GOD invented by HOLY LAND MAN

Secondly, GOD created the super intelligent Hebrew language. The meaning of the word Hebrew is “to transfer,” “past,” and “to pass.” GOD probably meant for information and/or knowledge to be transferred through the Hebrew language, regarding the past. The words in Hebrew already describe GOD’s wisdom to humanity. GOD explains in the language how humans can maximize their lives.

the scientific profs of the original Bible

Thirdly, GOD created the Torah, the first five holiest books of the Bible.

HOLY LAND MAN reads the Bible in it's original language

Only then, GOD created the world as described in Genesis. Time was created on the fourth day.

what is the original Bible?

The original Bible was created by GOD, like the DNA: one long string of 1,202,972 Hebrew letters. The Biblical string is encrypted with the code2GOD which was revealed in 2022 by Don Juravin (whose first language is Hebrew). Don Juravin was born not far from Jesus’ birthplace and now lives in the USA.

This ~500 year-old original Bible scroll from the code2GOD mini-museum (similar look to the famous Dead Sea scrolls):

code2GOD meuseum Bible scroll by Don Juravin the Biblical scholar

And also this Biblical scroll which Don Juravin reads to his followers:

code2GOD meuseum Bible scroll by Don Juravin the Biblical scholar

Don Juravin simplified the visualization of the string by highlighting the words:

the Bible code deciphered by Don Juravin (Holy Land Man)

code2GOD is made of 32 mathematical scientific methods to decode the long Biblical string and understand GOD’s messaging to humanity.

The Jews, and later the Christians, divided the string of 1,202,972 letters and turned it into 306,757 words, 23,204 verses, and 929 chapters. As opposed to translations, the original Bible has never ever changed. It has always been a coded string of 1,202,972 Hebrew letters, with no added spaces, punctuations, or words.

The original Bible was then translated from Hebrew into 350 languages losing the code and becoming only a story of the Bible.

Two patents PENDING

Patent Pending (provisional) 63295845 filed 1.1.2022 at 00:26am

The code2GOD Methodology To Decode GOD’s Messaging To Humanity Based On The One Original Bible In Hebrew

Title: Decoding The Original Bible Using code2GOD Methodology to Understand GOD’s Messaging To Humanity

Patent type: Utility

Patent Pending (provisional) 63295884 filed 1.1.2022 at 10pm

Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Prove The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Designer Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development

Title: Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Proof The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Creator Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development

Patent type: Utility